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Updated: Apr 19

Update: Adobo & Parsley have been adopted! But the right furry friend for you could still be waiting! See our other cats here:


Adobo and Parsley along with their "spicy" siblings were discovered under a deck of a Parkville resident. Over the course of a couple weeks, 11 kittens were humanely trapped. They were then split up and placed in a couple foster homes so to not overwhelm one foster with so many. With 11 kittens found at once, difficult to know if they're all siblings or most likely from a couple different litters.

Parsley is a sweet girl. She likes to play with string toys and lasers. She is great

with other cats as long as they prefer to cuddle and not tackle (for many young cats this is otherwise known as playing). She can spend hours on your lap soaking in the love and pets. She isn't comfortable being picked up and held although she is okay being held close while you are sitting or picking her up just to relocate to a new spot. Parsley is nervous of new things and new environments but will get comfortable given time. She does startle easily so a quieter home would be best.

Adobo is a sweet soul. She loves a calm house where she can have one or two

trusted people in her life. She loves to sit on your lap while watching tv and relax in your lap anytime you will let her. She is a shy girl that will take time to trust you, but once she does she will be devoted to you. She scares easily, doesn't like to be picked up and will need a place she can go and feel safe when the house gets too noisy with guests or household chores. Adobo has not been around a dog, but we fear that any barking would have her scurrying to safety.

Adobo and Parsley are bonded sisters and would need to be adopted together. If you are cat savvy, patient and live in a quiet space, these girls would love to be your forever kitties.

DOB 4/19/2023

If you're interested in Adobo and Parsley, we ask that you please fill out a "pre-adopt application" that can be found on our website: We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

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