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Featured Cat - PAUL!

Updated: May 7

Paul was one of a litter of three (along with his brothers Joe and Michael) born to a feral mom cat. They were found in the backyard of a wonderful couple in Parkville, who went above and beyond by having the mom cat fixed and socializing the kittens. They were supposed to be “garage cats” until they could find room at a shelter, but they soon found their way into the home (and soft furniture). Unfortunately, the couple have other cats and keeping these three permanently was not feasible, so they contacted FOPAS.

Paul is on the shy side (in the shelter) but has come a long way since first arriving. He is definitely food movitated and is most friendly when it's meal time. Paul is playful, loves the feather toy and welcomes pets when he's playing. He would need a very patient human to give him time and space to acclimate to a new environment.

Won't you help with the final journey of this handsome kitty. He is social and gets along with other cats - including cats outside his litter.

DOB 10/24/2022

If you're interested in Paul, we ask that you please fill out a "pre-adopt application" that can be found on our website: We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

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