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Updated: Jul 7

Update: Baily has been adopted! But the right furry friend for you could still be waiting! See our other cats here:


Bailey is a sweet and loving cat. She was a devoted mother who has taken great care of her two kittens and is now ready to find a family to love on her. Bailey enjoys lounging in the sun for a good cat nap, but is also very playful. She loves lasers and string toys. She even loves a good game of chase! She is very affectionate too. She loves to be held (either like a baby or tummy towards you with her paws over your shoulder) and petted, of course!. She is not much of a lap cat because she prefers to curl up around your neck and shoulders if given the opportunity. She doesn't meow often and has more of a chirp to communicate with you. She is not crazy food motivated, but does love treats and doesn't like to share those. Bailey wasn't comfortable with other cats around, but a large part of that could have been because she had her babies and was such a good mom being protective of them. She may hiss at another cat (never any aggressiveness though) until she gets comfortable with them.

If you're interested in Baily, we ask that you please fill out a "pre-adopt application" that can be found on our website: We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

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