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Adopt a "Cat House" Room

Our Cat House has 9 rooms! Keep scrolling to learn more about each one. When you're ready, click the button below to go back to our room adoption page.

About the 9 rooms in our Cat House


Welcome to the Cat House

As soon as you walk in the door, you'll find yourself in the Hospitality room.

Hospitality copy.jpg


Garden View

You get a lovely view of the garden from this room. One of our sanctuary kitties Myles lives here.

Purradise copy.jpg


Quiet Room

This serene room often houses our quieter, gentler kitties.

Serenity copy.jpg

Cookie's Treehouse

Tigo Territory

Named after our sanctuary kitty Cookie, this room is now the home of Tigo, one of our current resident sanctuary kitties.

Cookie's copy.jpg


Intensive Cat Care Unit

This is where we keep our sick and injured kitties. All new kitties start here as well to ensure they're healthy before moving to other rooms in the house.

ICCU copy.jpg

Rest Stop

AKA the Restroom

Need a break? These kitties will get to know you in the powder room.

Rest Stop copy.jpg

Bird Watcher's Club

Backyard Overlook

This is the first room you'll see when you go upstairs. Big windows overlook the backyard.

BW copy.jpg

Frosty's Friends

Quaint Little Nook

Don't overlook this room - plenty of wonderful kitties make their stay in this little space upstairs.

FF copy.jpg


A Playful Crew

At the end of the upstairs hallway, you'll find yourself in Catopia.

Catopia copy.jpg

Certificate Examples

When you adopt a room, you will have a certificate hanging outside the room for the duration of your adoption. You also have the option to adopt a room in memory or in honor of up to 2 loved ones.

Adopt a Room Today!

Thank you for reading about all of the rooms in the FOPAS Cat House. Now that you have a favorite, click the button below to go back to our room adoption page to place your order.

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