• mtmignogna

I'm Altus and yeah, I'm a jerk.

Hi, I’m Altus! I’m big, I’m handsome and truth be told, I’m a jerk. I really don’t know why, they treat me so good here. Perhaps I had a bad experience when I was a wee kitten or maybe I was just born this way or maybe............I’m just misunderstood. I know, I’m not very nice to my kitty roommates and sometimes, I’m even a butt head to the volunteers, sorry dudes. I’d love to bust out of this Cat ‘BIG’ House someday. If only an understanding human would come along, see how awesome I am, love me and understand that I’m just being me, even if I am a ‘jerk’! If you'd like to meet this good looking tuxedo boy with 'cattitude', stop by on Saturday 11-1 (shortened hours due to COVID-19) at 1356 N. 9 Highway, Parkville, MO 64152 or email for

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