ACE was a stray who come to FOPAS for a chance at a forever and loving home. This male with an estimated DOB of 12/2018 is a mix, a mix of what breeds we are not sure. Ace's coloring reminds one of a Cattle dog while his athletic build could mean a Bird Dog. He is a unique and exceptional dog with absolutely wonderful ears! Ace not only has an athletic build, but he is very athletic and he can be stubborn, so he'll need an owner who is ready to be the Alpha of the pack. Ace seems to like or at least tolerate other dogs. He has good inside manners, he has not torn up his bedding or his toys, and he is very smart so he is picking up on the routine quickly. Ace is very interested in people and is always looking for cues as to what is expected of him. With training, Ace should be a wonderful companion and family member. Ace appears to be housebroken.

Ace is also competing in the Bar K Rescue Madness. You can vote for Ace and learn more about this event to help local rescues here:


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