Dog of the month - LEXI!

Lexi is a female German Shorthaired Pointer with an estimated DOB of 6/4/2014. Lexi was a "Craig's list" dog who has now found her way to FOPAS. How she got on Craig's List is unknown to us - we would probably rather not know. This girl is an active dog who can be a runner's best companion, it takes a lot to tire her out. However, like many hunting dogs, her other side is a loving, cuddling pet who wants to spend all her time inside with her family. Lexi is very smart and always wants to please her person. She is also adventurous and ready to investigate new places and smells. Lexi does not want to be left alone outside (perhaps her life before FOPAS was spent alone and outside); and being as athletic and sensitive as she is, Lexi may feel abandoned and could go over many fences. For the person or family who gives her a chance to relax and finally feel secure, Lexi will be a great and affectionate family member.


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