Dog of the month - BLU

Blu is a female Catahoula mix (her mother's breed is known) who was born 8/5/2020. Poor Blu and her sister Molly ( were born into a situation where they were not wanted so they have been moved around several times since their birth. Now they are at FOPAS where they are loved and where we'll search for a great final and forever home! Notwithstanding their difficult start, these girls are so so so sweet and affectionate, they would sit in your lap and snuggle for 24 hours a day if they could. Blu and Molly both like other dogs and are very playful. While neither girl has spent much time inside, they both have good inside manners. Each girl is about 60 pounds. While both Blu and Molly like other dogs, each girl is still somewhat fearful if they are alone. Each needs another dog to give them the confidence that they need. Since each sister has been the only constant in the other's life since birth we would love it if the two of them could go together (a reduced adoption fee would be offered if someone were to take both). Please consider one and possibly these two wonderful girls who are probably the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.

If you are interested in Blu, Please fill out an application here:

FOPAS is primarily run by volunteers who are passionate about animal welfare and are dedicated to our animals for their entire lives. As such, we screen all potential adopters and strive to match each adopter with the perfect fit for their lifestyle and activity level.

All adopters must live within a 4 hour drive of Parkville, Missouri.

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