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Cat of the Week - Finn!

A call came in from a resident of Weatherby Lake needing help with a feral mom and her little family. With the extreme hot weather and a "loud" holiday approaching our volunteers jumped into action. Over the course of a couple days we were able to humanely trap all but one of the babies. One little guy was the last hold out and it took a few more days but Finn's brother, Dickenson was finally trapped, to the relief to all involved.

Finn is an adorable little ginger boy who's still shy but will let you pet him. Once he gains your trust, he's all in, loving the love and purring up a storm! Of the three, he's the most independent. Finn does well with other cats and would need a patient human who will open up their heart and give him time to acclimate in a new home.

DOB 3/28/2023

If you're interested in Finn, we ask that you please fill out a "pre-adopt application" that can be found on our website: We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

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