Adoptable Dog of the Month - BENNY

Meet Benny

Benny is a handsome Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix with an estimated DOB of 5/2020. This young boy is a very active guy who loves to play and run in the yard or be a running companion. A volunteer runs with him several times a week and she reports that after 3 or 4 miles he is just getting started. Benny lived in a foster home for a while and his former foster mom said about him: "Benny is the best at cuddling and playing! He is house trained and kennel trained. He loves to run in the yard . Benny would love to play fetch with you! He does like to chew on things but as long as he has access to his toys/bone he doesn’t bother your other things. " Benny is a strong boy, so his new owner must be strong enough to walk him. His strength might also mean that he would be too much for a small child - he would never hurt anyone, but he could well knock a small child over in his enthusiasm. Benny is very smart and he learns quickly with positive reinforcement. This is a great dog for someone who wants to have a smart active companion for many years to come. If you are interested in Benny, please fill out an application here:

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